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The Zenith Fly Tying Box

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Zenith Fly Tying Box 

a top-of-the-line storage solution designed specifically for fly tying enthusiasts. With its generous size and cleverly organised compartments, this box offers an unparalleled level of convenience and functionality.

Zenith Fly Tying Box measures 42cmn width, 30cm depth, 40cm in height. Each tray measures 36x23x5cm (length x width x height) with fixed different sized compartments providing ample space for storing a massive collection of materials and tools. Its large deep top storage section allows you to store bulkier items.

Crafted with durability in mind, the Zenith Fly Tying Box is built to withstand regular use of which is backed up with the Five Star reviews by troutcatcher customers. It is designed to be strong enough to sit on, ensuring that you can comfortably work on your fly tying projects wherever you go. Additionally, the Zenith box features a convenient carry handle on top, transforming it into the perfect mobile fly tying case. Whether you're heading to a tying class, a fishing trip, or simply moving around your workspace, this box will keep your tools and materials secure and organized.

It's worth noting that the Zenith Fly Tying Box is the same case used by Veniard for their renowned "Pinnacle" fly tying kit. This endorsement speaks to the quality and reliability of the box, as Veniard is a trusted and respected name in the fly tying industry.

Please be aware that the picture provided is for illustration purposes only, the Zenith Fly Tying Box does not come with any fly tying materials. However, with its spacious design and efficient organisation, this box is more than capable of accommodating your fly tying essentials and helping you maintain a clutter-free workspace.
Customer reviews
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Very good service and the item is quality throughout. kept well informed regarding delivery.
James M.
Shopping Satisfaction
On the Christmas list for my husband but I think it’s fantastic, looks a really good piece of kit!
Jill W.
Shopping Satisfaction
If you think it’s too expensive think again this fly Tying material box is brilliant I absolutely love it
Big , well made . Perfect for all the fiddly stuff we use to tie Flys . Probably good for other stuff too. Love the locking drawers .
Sebastián P.
Shopping Satisfaction
Just received this order, zenith fly tying box. Looks strong and well made.
Wayne c.
Shopping Satisfaction
Solid Quality
A great piece of kit. Loads of room for all the fiddly bits fly-tying bits including the tools, glues and UV stuff. You can even sort the drawers to suit the size of pieces you are storing. Everything in one place at last!
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