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Fly Tying Wools

Fly Tying Wool from troutcatchers, choose from our comprehensive catalogue below along with over 4,000 Premium Fly Tying Materials, sourced from Worldwide leading brands including VeniardTurrall & many others.

Chadwick 477 (Sawyers Bug Wool)
Chadwick 477 Wool, this new '477' has been specially developed for Veniard to replicate as closely as possible the classic Sawyers Bug Wool.
£ 1.47
(-10.00%) £ 1.32
New Zealand Strike Indicator Wool
New Zealand Strike Indicator Wool - See strikes more quickly and more often. Specially sourced and dyed natural wool works extremely well in a variety of conditions. This wool has been specially selected because of it's wiry, water-shedding properties that allow a perfect float cast after cast. New Zealand Strike Indicator Wool material provides a "no-spook" landing and presentation. It fills the indicator sleeve perfectly and can be trimmed to the size you want.
£ 9.17
(-10.00%) £ 8.25