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Fly Tying Synthetic Body Material

Fly Tying Synthetic Body Material at Troutcatchers

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Fly Tying Materials

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Natural Latex Sheet
Natural Latex Sheet, stretches, cuts, wraps and can be coloured with pantone pens for all your fly tying requirements.
Natural Latex Sheet 15 x 15cm (6" x 6") from Veniard
£ 2.37
Body Stretch
Body Stretch is a highly stretchable body medium. Use the body stretch for nymph bodies and shell backs. Veniard Body Stretch is 0.5 - 0.6 cm wide and well over 2mtrs in length, a hugely popular fly tying material available in 11 colours.
£ 3.57
Magic Glass V Rib
Magic Glass V Rib is an extra soft plastic material, half round - cross section, enabling the fly tier to produce realistic flat or segmented translucent bodies.
Magic Glass V Rib available in 14 colours. 1.4 mt per packet.
£ 2.97
Ultra Lace Tubing
Ultra Lace Tubing is thin soft tubing that is excellent for translucent bodies. For a truly unique fly, insert other materials in to the Ultra Lace Tubing, coloured wire, thread, Flashabou etc.
Ultra Lace Tubing available in 9 colours & two sizes: Standard 1mm. & Micro 0.6mm - 2.7mtr per pack.
£ 3.37
Pearl Film
Pearl Film, a strong sheet of film that can be wrapped around or over for wing cases. Use Pearl film for shell or flash backs.
Pearl Film comes with a choice; plain or embossed sheets, 45mm x 270mm.
£ 2.77
UV Film
UV Film from Veniard, a sheet of UV film that can be used for a huge variety of uses when fly tying.
UV Film available in 5 great colours.
£ 2.67
Gummy Minnow Kits
Gummy Minnow Kits from Veniard, tie your Gummy Minnow with this pre-cut, flexible and adhesive material (a thin silicone sheet, with adhesive back). The preformed Gummy Minnow patch replicates perfectly the real minnows shape, size and feel. Complete with realistic eyes and an iridescent almost transparent appearance, these baitfish imitations are sure to grab the attention of large predatory saltwater and freshwater fish. Just tie your underbody / gut with either weight or foam and then mould the preformed Gummy Minnow patch over your hook. You will find 3 patches per Gummy Minnow packet with a choice of colours, blue, green and grey, sizes, 2 (large), 4 (medium) and 6 (small).
£ 7.07
Squirmy Worm Body
Squirmy Worm Body, Stretchy 2mm Soft Rubber Synthetic Fly Tying Material from Veniard. Squirmy Worm, and Squirmy Worm Body available in packs of 10 that are 14cm in length - Use your imagination with these Squirmy Worms - legs - bodies......
Squirmy Worm Body choice of 5 colours.
£ 3.27
Edge Bright Fluorescent Sheet
Edge Bright Fluorescent Sheet from Veniard. Edge Bright is a Fluorescent coloured vinyl sheet that when cut and tied gives a superb neon glow to your flies & lures - A real attracter which the fish go mad for when the light hits your fly. Great for bodies, ribbing etc. for your trout, saltwater, predator, and salmon flies.

Veniard Edge Bright Fluorescent Sheet approx 16 x 11cm, available in a choice of three stunning choices, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Yellow & Fluorescent Pink.
£ 3.37
Turrall Faux Fox Fur
Turrall Faux Fox Fur, synthetic alternative to Arctic Fox hair. The Faux Fox Fur is a superfine, highly mobile fibre,fly tying material up to 30cms long. Suitable for most fly tying applications, but especially for larger flies - such as pike and saltwater patterns, such as Turralls 'Stupid Boy' Pike Flies.

Turrall Faux Fox Fur available in the following colours (24cm hank per pack):
Black - Flu Chartreuse - Flu Green - Flu Orange - Flu Pink - Grey - Olive - Pearl White - Red
£ 5.57