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OttLite 22W Crane Light & Magnifier

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OttLite 22W Crane Light & Magnifier 

- The ultimate tool for your fly tying bench! The 22w Crane Light & Magnifier brings the best in OttLite illumination and optical-grade magnification!
The Crane Light & Magnifier starts with a sturdy moulded metal clamp of which fits onto the edge of your table; desk; workbench; shelf; which can be up to 2.5 inches maximum in depth. On to the clamp slides an articulated arm, this has a a pivot at the bottom, and in the middle so can be angled precisely to your requirements, the maximum height off the table top is 31 inches. The arm holds a circular 22w daylight fluorescent tube giving 360 degrees of illumination for precise viewing and angle placement when tying. The light tube runs around the outside of a 4.75-inch diameter 1.75X optical grade magnifier, of which the head can be adjusted up and down and turned through 360 degrees.
The magnifier and bulb are housed in a white plastic housing, of which features a flip-up protective cover on the top protecting the magnifier when not in use. The bulb is encased in a protective clear plastic housing so if you need to change it you will need to unscrew eight cross-head screws.
The perfect magnifying lamp for fly tying!

OttLite 22W Crane Light & Magnifier detail:
  • Rotating head with 1.75x optical-grade magnifier (5" diameter) and 360 degree illumination
  • Articulating arm for height adjustability
  • Sturdy clamp attaches to most work surfaces
  • Flip shade closes to protect magnifier
  • Bulb included. Rated to last up to 10,000 hours (Replacement bulb type L) (UK Plug - if purchasing overseas required adaptor)

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