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Snowbee Fishing Sunglasses - Polarised

Snowbee Fishing Sunglasses - Polarised

Snowbee Polarised Fishing Sunglasses for fly fishing exceed American and European standards for eye protection (EN 1836:2005). The UV400 lenses filter out 100% of harmful UVA & UVB radiation for total eye protection.

The polarising filter selectively absorbs 99% of reflected glare to allow better light contrast and more accurate colour definition for enhanced fish spotting.

Snowbee Polarised Fishing Sunglasses come with various lens colour options.

 - Smoke / Black, great for general all-round use in bright light conditions.
- Amber for lower light conditions for example mornings, evenings, overcast weather, plus you’ll find them ideal for the rivers and under tree cover. 
- Yellow for lowest light fishing conditions, where the "light gathering” effect, enhances vision and heavy canopy reduces available light, best for stalking in overcast conditions.

Snowbee Prestige Magnifier Sunglasses
Snowbee Prestige Magnifier Sunglasses are the ideal Fishing Sunglasses if like many of us, you require reading glasses for close-up work, the hassle this involves when changing flies, will be only too well known to you!
Snowbee innovative new design features include lightweight nylon frames, with quality Polarised Polycarbonate lenses. Laminated to the bottom of the lenses are small +2.5 magnifier lenses. Available in Black frames and choice of Smoke or Amber lenses they also come with a hard case and soft glasses bag.
£ 65.99
(-10.64%) £ 58.97
Snowbee Sports Wrap Around Polarised Sunglasses - 18111
Snowbee Sports Wrap Around Polarised Sunglasses - These Snowbee Polarised Sunglasses offer exceptional performance, with style to match. The lightweight Polarised Lenses are available in 3 Tint options - Smoke, Amber or Mirror Finish, to cover all light intensities and have superb Polarisation for fish spotting.
The Snowbee Polarised Sunglasses weigh only 22gm and they come complete with a neoprene zip case with and attachment clip.
£ 18.99
(-40.13%) £ 11.37
Snowbee Sports Polarised Sunglasses - 18084
Snowbee Sports Polarised Sunglasses for fly fishing - These Polarised Sunglasses have ultra lightweight Black wrap around frames with a quality 0.75mm Polyethylene Polarised lens. Polarised side panels built into the frame arms cut glare from peripheral light. Rubberised frame arm pads provide additional grip. Available in Smoke or Amber lens tint. Complete with neoprene Sunglass case.
£ 18.99
(-40.13%) £ 11.37
Snowbee Prestige Over-Specs Sunglasses
Snowbee Prestige Over-Specs Sunglasses Designed for the angler who wears spectacles, these over-sized sunglasses fit neatly right over your existing glasses. The deep top frame ensures they sit clear of your glasses and together with the side lenses, prevent any top or peripheral light entering.

Snowbee Prestige Over-Specs Sunglasses come with two lens options.
Frame/Lens colour:
- Matt Black / Smoke Green
- Matt Black / Amber lenses
Weight: 37g
£ 27.97
Snowbee Prestige Streamfisher Sunglasses
Snowbee Prestige Streamfisher Sunglasses, a classic design with sleek, contoured frame arms. The Prestige Streamfisher Sunglasses are fitted with rubberised frame arm tips and nose pads, for improved comfort and grip. Stylish and close fitting, wrap-around frame prevents peripheral light entering, for enhanced fish spotting.

Snowbee Prestige Streamfisher Sunglasses come with three polarised lens options.
Frame/Lens colour:
- Gloss Black/Smoke Green lens
- Gloss Black/Amber lens
- Gloss Black/Yellow lens
£ 22.97
Snowbee Prestige Gamefisher Sunglasses
Snowbee Prestige Gamefisher Sunglasses, a stylish new range of Sunglasses. The Prestige Gamefisher Sunglasses combine a simple sleek design, with a close fitting, wrap-around style. Snowbee have used lightweight nylon frames that fit snugly to the face and wrap-around the sides, with wide frame arms to block peripheral light.

Snowbee Prestige Gamefisher Sunglasses come with three lens options.
Frame/Lens colour:
- Matt Black/Smoke Green lens,
- Gloss Tortoiseshell/Amber lens
- Gloss Tortoiseshell/Yellow lens.
Weight: 24g
£ 22.97
Snowbee Superlight Sports Sunglasses
Snowbee Superlight Sports Sunglasses, a new Superlight Sunglasses model, in a wrap-around, sports style. These Sports Sunglasses have a matt Black TR-90 frame, with gunmetal grey aluminium frame arms, with red, rubberised tips. The two Lens options that are available come with the latest TAC polarised lenses.

Snowbee Superlight Sports Sunglasses two lens options.
- Smoke Mirror
- Amber Mirror
Weight: 21g
£ 49.99
(-7.64%) £ 46.17
Snowbee Blue Mirror Sports Sunglasses
Snowbee Blue Mirror Sports Sunglasses, a modern twist, on a retro sunglasses style! The Blue Mirror Sports Sunglasses have a rectangular, black gloss TR-90 frame, which makes them incredibly durable, flexible, and lightweight. TAC polarised lens, lightweight and offers superb polarisation coupled with outstanding distortion-free optical clarity.

Snowbee Blue Mirror Sports Sunglasses lens choice.
- Gloss Black/Blue Mirror
Weight: 31gram
£ 31.99
(-40.08%) £ 19.17
Snowbee Sports Tactile Sunglasses
Snowbee Sports Tactile Sunglasses, wrap-around Sports style Sunglasses with lightweight TR-90 frame coated in a matt black, ‘Tactile-Touch’ rubber. The Snowbee Sports Tactile Sunglasses have Super-flexible frame arms for the ultimate in comfort. The two Lens options that are available come with the latest TAC polarised lenses.

Snowbee Sports Tactile Sunglasses two lens options.
- Smoke
- Amber
Weight: 22gram
£ 39.97
Snowbee Sports Magnifier Sunglasses
Snowbee Sports Magnifier Sunglasses, The most innovative sunglasses Snowbee have ever developed offering a completely new concept in 'Flip-Up' magnifiers. Rather than the usual clip-on magnifiers, Snowbee new model has them built-in, with a neat 'flip-up' mechanism as part of the frame. Black gloss TR-90 frame with rubber frame-arm tips for comfort. Flip-up 2.5x magnifiers sit neatly under your cap peak but are right there when you need them for changing flies, leaders etc. Weight: 34g.

Snowbee Sports Magnifier Sunglasses two Tac lens options.
- Smoke
- Amber
Weight: 34gram
£ 39.97
Snowbee Magnalite Sunglasses
Snowbee Magnalite Sunglasses, magnesium alloy frames offer superior strength and rigidity and weigh in at just 26g for all-day fishing comfort. The Snowbee Magnalite Sunglasses fine profile frames do not restrict the field of view and wrap around each side with a small, additional lens to prevent peripheral light entering. Spring-loaded frame arms with soft, rubberised end sleeves add to the comfort and fit. The lightweight wire nose-bridge, with rubberised nose pads can be custom bent to exactly fit your face / nose shape, further enhancing comfort and eliminating irritating nose-marks caused by some heavier glasses. Snowbee Magnalite Sunglasses are fitted with quality, scratch resistant, TAC lenses for outstanding optical clarity and 99% polarisation.

Snowbee Magnalite Sunglasses three lens options.
- Smoke Green
- Yellow
£ 50.27
Snowbee Clip-on Spring Adjuster Sunglasses
Snowbee Clip-on Spring Adjuster Sunglasses, Undoubtedly the neatest Clip-on Adjuster Sunglasses we have ever seen! The Snowbee Clip-on Spring Adjuster Sunglasses weigh just 4.8gram, the lightweight, frameless lenses, fit over your spectacles using an innovative centre spring tensioner. Simply position the two rubberised clips at one end over the lens of your glasses, extend the centre spring to clip the other end, over the opposite lens and release. The centre spring tensioner will hold firmly in position. These Snowbee Clip-on Spring Adjuster Sunglasses are so light you won’t even know you’re wearing them! Fitted with the TAC (Tri-Acetate Cellulose) lenses, as the Snowbee Prestige Sunglasses for superb polarisation and outstanding optical clarity.

Snowbee Clip-on Spring Adjuster Sunglasses two lens options and two sizes.
- Smoke
- Amber
- Small: Lens sizes 54mm  x 33mm.
- Large: Lens sizes 59mm x 38mm.
£ 19.97
Snowbee Clip-on Sunglasses
Snowbee Clip-on Sunglasses, a conventional Sunglasses design using a standard clip-on and flip-up when not in use mechanism. These Snowbee Clip-on Sunglasses are available in large lens size, 59mm x 38mm.

Snowbee Clip-on Sunglasses two lens options.
- Smoke
- Amber

£ 16.97