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Snowbee Lifetime Fly Rod Guarantee

Snowbee Fly Rod Original Purchaser Lifetime Guarantee

Snowbee Fly Rod Original Purchaser Lifetime Guarantee

For Peace of mind, Snowbee Fly and Spinning Rods come with an Original Purchaser Lifetime Guarantee.

 This guarantee is limited to the Original Purchaser and is not Transferable to future owners. In order to implement this guarantee, the purchase and details of the purchaser, must be registered with Snowbee (UK) Ltd., (NOT Troutcatchers - This Guarantee is administered by Snowbee UK - Troutcatchers will manage any warranty claim up to 12 months - excluding any commercial claim which is not covered)  in the country of purchase within 30 days of purchase. Failure to do so will invalidate the guarantee.

 If, during the lifetime of the original purchaser, the rod should break, or fail, for whatever reason, simply return the rod, along with a Handling and Postage fee of £25.00*, plus your original invoice, sales receipt, or proof of purchase and we will replace the rod or damaged/faulty part by return. If within the first 12 months from the date of purchase and if, in the opinion of Snowbee (UK) Ltd, or their appointed agent, the failure is due to manufacturing faults or material defects, then our normal manufacturer’s guarantee will apply and the rod or part will be replaced free of charge, with the handling/postage fee of £25 returned. This decision is at the discretion of Snowbee (UK) Ltd., or its appointed agents. Snowbee (UK) Ltd., reserve the right to amend the handling / postage fee in line with inflation. 

Should the rod in question be discontinued it will normally be replaced with a new model up to a similar value, or there is the option to ‘trade up’ to a rod of a higher value, by paying the handling/postage fee, plus the difference in value between the two models. Please note however, that in the case of discontinued models, if purchased in a clearance sale, the maximum value covered by this guarantee is the price paid and not the original RRP. In all cases, if the customer is unable to provide an acceptable proof of purchase, showing the price paid for the rod, then the maximum warranty value applicable, will be our last sale price for that particular model.

 *£25 handling fee applies to UK only for overseas customers please contact the appointed Snowbee agent or contact Snowbee UK Ltd direct for a postage quote. This guarantee is in addition to your statutory rights Snowbee (UK) Ltd, reserves the right to amend the handling/postage fee in line with inflation.

This guarantee is in addition to your Statutory Rights.

Note, the above information is suppliedby Snowbee, troutcatchers do not administer or manage this guarantee. Full and up to date details can be found on the Snowbee Website ( which may overide the above information.

Fly Rod Breakages & Rod Care 

Whilst all Snowbee Fly and Spinning Rods are covered by our Original Purchaser Lifetime Guarantee, carbon fibre is brittle a rod breakages will inevitably occur resulting in additional cost and inconvenience for the owner.

 Contrary to popular belief however, carbon fibre rods rarely break as a result of the natural flexing forces incurred during fly casting or playing fish. Rods may break during casting or when playing fish when the rod becomes over stressed but in most cases rods will break when over loaded or flexed beyond the capable limits of the rod or when and where a weakness has occurred, after the graphite structure has been damaged by impact or crushing which could be some time prior to casting or playing a fish.

 To help reduce rod breakage, we offer the following Hints and Tips.

 Rods are designed to cast lines that weigh only a few grams. Even when playing a fish 'hard,' with the rod in the normal full-flex position, the amount of energy transferred to the fly still equates to just a few ounces…..


- Lift fish out of the water with the rod - Always support the weight of the fish using a net or wet hands.

- Use a fly line that is more than one line weight heavier than the rods AFTM rating.

- Jerk the rod to pull flies from rocks & trees - Place the rod in a safe area and pull only on the fly line. Take care to look away when

pulling at flies.

- Support the weight of the rod by the tip section.

- Pull line from the reel, through the rod tip, with the reel drag set to the 'full-on' position. When threading lines, place the butt of the rod on the ground and support the rod in the mid- section if necessary.

- Walk with the rod tip pointing forwards - Always hold the rod with the tip pointing backwards.

- Use the rod tip to remove flies from trees. Use a 'hook and cord' that you can 'loft' on a long pole.

- Lean rods against an open car door or boot - someone is bound to close the door on it.

- Place rods on the ground - someone will stand on it.


- Exercise care when netting a fish and do not to over-compress the tip of the rod as above – a common cause of rod breakages.

- When in transit always store a rod in the tube provided, if it has one.

- Try to avoid rod impact damage: goldheads or any weighted flies can be travelling in excess of 80mph. Hitting the rod

blank will easily cause stress fractures

- Applying a little candle wax if necessary to new joints can prevent them coming apart during casting. Because Spey-casting, involves a frequent circular casting motion that can cause rod joints to work loose, on Double handed Spey rods you may choose to tape the joints to reduce the risk of them twisting and separating.