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Snowbee Salmon & Sea-Trout Fly Lines

Snowbee Scandinavian Fly Lines

Snowbee Salmon & Sea-Trout Fly Line a concise range of Salmon & Sea-Trout fly lines, designed for the traditional & progressive salmon & sea-trout anglers angler alike.

 especially suited to fishing with Snowbee Poly Coated Leaders, adding an extra dimension to fly presentation.
Snowbee Short Spey Fly Line - Floating - SSF XS-Plus
Snowbee Short Spey Fly Line -with continuous running line - Floating - the Snowbee Short Spey line have been designed to meet the demands of the modern salmon and sea-trout angler, fishing with a long or short double handed rod and for use in highly restricted areas, where the creation of a larger Spey loop is near impossible.
£ 55.87
Snowbee XS-Plus Traditional Spey Fly Line
Snowbee XS-Plus Traditional Spey Fly Fishing Line, Floating, on large open rivers there is normally plenty of room for Spey casting and the 62ft head of this Spey Fly Fishing Line has proved the perfect length for the traditional Spey cast, whether casting your way down a tree-lined or steep sided river or open fields.
Available; 36g/8-9; 40g/9-10; 44g/10-11
£ 55.87
Snowbee Switch Floating Fly Line
Snowbee Switch Floating Fly Line - These modern day Switch fly lines are a little like a ‘compressed’ Spey line, with a short, heavy head (from 28-30ft) similar to a shooting head profile, but in the popular ‘Skagit’ style. Perfect for use when salmon fishing with the preferred lighter and shorter rods of today.
£ 55.87
Snowbee Shooting Head Running Line
Snowbee Shooting Head Running Line, designed to match any Shooting Heads, Snowbee have a 1.0mm diameter floating running line in Hi-Viz Yellow, 40yds / 120ft in length. This Running Line can be trimmed at reel end to fit any reel capacity. The Snowbee Shooting Head Running Line,has a large pre-welded loop the other end for quick and easy change between full heads when necessary.
£ 23.87