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Snowbee XS-Plus Gold Super-Fluorocarbon

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Snowbee XS-Plus Gold Super-Fluorocarbon a breed of tippet materials, incorporating the very latest in material and extrusion technologies, to create lines as good as anything on the market… and better than most!

Snowbee XS-Plus Gold Super-Fluorocarbon, as strong and smooth as the best nylon Co-Polymers, Snowbee New 'Gold Standard' Super-Fluorocarbon represents the latest development in fluorocarbon line technology. XS-Plus Gold Super-Fluorocarbon utilises the latest thinking in material technology, the PVDF copolymer is mainly used in critical applications requiring a high degree of purity and excellent mechanical properties. Combined with a new ‘state-of-the-art’ extrusion process, the New Snowbee XS-Plus Gold Super-Fluorocarbon can reach the tenacity and strength of a high quality nylon copolymer, yet offers all the advantages of a 100% fluorocarbon line.
Each XS-Plus Gold Super-Fluorocarbon line weight is colour-coded with an elasticated retainer, which not only gives you quick and easy line identification, but also holds the line in place and stops that annoying un-spooling! 

Snowbee XS-Plus Gold Super-Fluorocarbon features:
  • 100% premium quality Japanese fluorocarbon 
  • Low refractive index provides total clarity in water for minimal visibility in all light and water conditions 
  • Super-high knot strength to diameter ratio 
  • Silky smooth finish allows wetted knots to pull up smoothly with minimal knot-burn 
  • Excellent abrasion resistance and low memory 
  • Super strong formula makes this line very supple for superior presentation 
  • Low stretch and water absorption for the ultimate in consistent performance.
Snowbee XS-Plus Gold Super-Fluorocarbon - available in 5 Strengths - 50 meter spools.

Model  Diameter  Breaking Strain  X-Rating
15780  0.16mm  5.5lb  5X
15781  0.18mm  6.5lb  4X
15782  0.20mm  7.5lb  3X
15783  0.22mm  8.5lbs  2X
15784  0.24mm  10.5bs  1X

From the range of Snowbee XS Leader & Tippet Material range of premium tackle, complete range here, and if advice is required, our Leader & Tippet help page can be found here.
Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
6317-Choice : 8.5lbs x 50 mtr - 15783
Good stuff.
Derek M.
Shopping Satisfaction
6317-Choice : 6.5lbs x 50 mtr - 15781
Not used as yet but Snowbee quality is good so do not expect any problems.
Kevin A.
Shopping Satisfaction
6317-Choice : 6.5lbs x 50 mtr - 15781
Found this line to be OK.
Leonard W.