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Special 'Snowbee Smoking Dust' 5 x Flavours SAVE 10%

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5 x Snowbee Smoker Dust a top quality, kiln dried Dust, which gives a wonderful rich flavour to all smoked foods. Perfectly compliments the Snowbee Smoker and BBQs

Special 'Snowbee Dust Smoking' Offer
Experiment with your smoking & save 10% when you try all 5 flavours (5 x 250gram total 1.250kg Smoking Dust)
English Oak Smoking Dust - Alder Smoker Dust – Apple Smoker Dust – Hickory Smoker Dust - Whisky Oak Smoker Dust

All Snowbee Dusts are 100% natural and sustainably sourced, ensuring you get the best smoke flavour, every time! The Snowbee Dust is finer and burns more slowly than other 'chippings' giving more flavour. Suitable for both Hot & Cold Smokers, or for use on the BBQ ( Try the dust on Barbecues to add a rich Smokey flavour to all outdoor cooking. especially good on Kettle / Lid type BBQs).

Conveniently packed in resealable bags of circa 250g  (when packed) - sufficient for 4 or 5 full smoking's.

Snowbee Dust Smoking tips, helping make your Smoking experience even more enjoyable.

  • Always use hardwoods for smoking. Steer clear of softwoods, such as Pine these resinous woods produce an acrid smoke,giving an unpleasant flavour.
  • For both Hot & Cold smoking, all Snowbee smoke dusts can be used dry, straight from the bag. However, for hot smoking, you can also soak the dust in warm water for 20 mins, then strain before use, which gives a mellow, longer lasting smoke production.
  • For use on the BBQ, all Snowbee Smoker Dusts can be used dry, straight from the bag & sprinkled over the hot coals, but again,soaking the dust first, will give a longer lasting smoke production.
  • For a longer slower smoke on BBQs (Kettle / Lid types) Build small 'envelopes of foil pockets, put some dust in and seal in - poke a few holes in the envelope and place over / on top of hot coals.
  • For use on gas BBQ’s, either of the above methods can be used, but place the dust in a "smoke box”, on top of the burner grills, which are readily available on-line.
BRAND NEW SNOWBEE SMOKING DUST FLAVOURS - In addition to this popular Snowbee English Oak Smoking Dust, there are 4 exciting new wood "flavours” for both the Smoker and the BBQ. Alder Smoker Dust – Apple Smoker Dust – Hickory Smoker Dust - Whisky Oak Smoker Dust
Individual Packs of Snowbee Smoking Dust can be viewed & purchased here.
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