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Veniard Pinnacle Fly Tyers Kit

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Veniard Pinnacle Fly Tiers Kit, New & Improved Fly Tying Kit - a comprehensive fly tying kit with enough fly materials & fly tools to tie 1000's of different fly patterns.

The Veniard Pinnacle Fly Tiers Kit comes in a Zenith Box  (New 2019 version) (Of which can be purchased separately) has a large deep top storage section with 4 trays that slide out with various sized sections. The New Box, similar to the previous model, but come with 4 front spring buttons to release the front trays which contain a massive amount of materials and tools (listed below). Plenty of spare space to build your fly tying material collection. A huge saving if purchasing separately!. The Zenith / Pinnacle box approx size: 42cm width x 30cm depth x 40cm height.

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Veniard Pinnacle Fly Tiers Kit Contents:
Marabou - Closed Cell Foam - Seals Fur Substitute - Cone Heads - Nymph & Streamer Eyes - Beads - Hares Mask - Suspender Balls - Booby Eyes - Peacock Herl - Peacock Eye - Ostrich - Mallard Wings - Hen Pheasant Wings - Squirrel Tail Black - Guinea Fowl - Cul de Cunard (CDC) - Teal Flank - Cock Hackles - Pearl Film - Cactus Chenille - Krystal Flash - Holographic Chenille - Magic Glass - Glister - Golden Pheasant Head - Golden Pheasant Body Skin - Deer Hair - Elk Hair - Holographic Tinsel - Clear Cellire - Hooks - English Partridge - French Partridge - Goose Biots - Suede Chenille - Thin Skin - Bronze Subs - Grey Mallard Flank - Parachute Antron - Mixed Squirrel Tails - Mylar Piping - Fly Bodies - Pearl Braid - Cock Pheasant Centre Tails - Fly Tyers Wax - Fly Tying For Beginners Trout 101 Fly Dressings - Super Standard Lever Vice - Bobbin threader - Bobbin Holder - Whip Finish Tool - Hackle pliers - Dubbing Needle - Scissors - Uni Flexx - Threads - Pearl Lurex - Glo Bright Floss- Multi Yarn - Uni 2 Tone Mylar - Tinsel - Rayon - Floss - Lead Wire - Gold & Silver Wire

Veniard Pinnacle Fly Tiers Kit just one of a large range of Fly Tying Kits available - Make fantastic Gifts. If you are purchasing as a Beginner, also consider purchasing one of the Beginners Fly Tying Books we stock, our complete range can be found here. If you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Customer reviews
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In my opinion, I do not think the Fly Tying box is as good as earlier types and appears to be to be of a cheaper construction. My comment is based on having used and earlier model box.
The products inside the box are very good.
Thank you for your feedback which we will pass back to Veniard - The new box is a lot stronger and better constructed giving a much longer life eliminating previous issue.
Shopping Satisfaction
Contains large array of materials, 100 hooks of various types/size- mainly approx size 8 to 14, tools and a vice, Great for a beginner who ties a wide variety of flies, not suited to larger (4 to 1/0 and upwards) flies for pike etc. but I'll upgrade for that.
Gareth j.
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Fantastic kit, great value everything you need to get you started in fly tying.
Greig D.
Shopping Satisfaction
A really comprehensive kit with lots of varied content.
You certainly couldn't buy the components for anything like this price.
The vice is, as described, pretty basic. I could have done with a bit more tinsel etc and a lot less feathers but I have already resumed fly tying after a break of around 20 years.
Ernest H.
Shopping Satisfaction
Excellent Gift for any Angler!
Bought as a Xmas gift and he loved it! Excellent selection of materials and tools. The box is sturdy with lots of compartments and the handle makes it convenient for moving around and storage. Highly recommended.
Mrs K Fraser Review collected by SoapBox