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Uni Micro Tinsel 6/0

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Uni Micro Tinsel 6/0 – Elevate your fly tying with this captivating material by tying lifelike fishing flies that lure even the wariest trout.

Uni Micro Tinsel - Crafted for precision, Uni Micro Tinsel 6/0 is a must-have for fly tyers and anglers alike. Ideal for those small flies where standard tinsels are too large. This fine tinsel brings brilliance to your creations, ensuring every fly sparkles underwater. Each tinsel spool contains twelve yards of fly tying material and the large choice of colours cater to your specific needs and imagination, guaranteeing flexibility for various patterns. As your go-to retailer, troutcatchers ensures quality

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and prompt delivery, making your fly tying journey seamless.

Uni Micro Tinsel 6/0 Fly Tying Material

Top Tips:
  • Thread Selection: Use a fine thread like Uni Micro Tinsel 6/0 to avoid bulkiness.
  • Secure the Fine Tinsel: Start by wrapping Uni Micro Tinsel 6/0 around the hook shank, securing it with a few wraps.
  • Tinsel Wrapping: Ensure it lies flat and evenly spaced for a smooth body.
  • Tinsel Colors: Experiment with different colors for variation. Silver and gold are classics.
  • Body Building: Double up for a thicker body, useful for larger insects.
  • Ribbing Effect: Use as ribbing by wrapping in the opposite direction for a segmented look.
  • Secure the Tinsel: Tight wraps at the desired length to keep it in place.
  • Coating: Add clear varnish or UV resin for durability and enhanced appearance.
  • Practice Precision: Take time for neat and even wraps, crucial for small flies.
  • Experiment and Have Fun: Mix with other materials for unique patterns.
Uni Micro Tinsel Fly Ideas:
  • Sparkling Emerger: Iridescent tinsel mimics emerging insects.
  • Rainbow Warrior: Create a captivating, multicolored nymph.
  • Flashback Caddis: Add a touch of flash for irresistible appeal.
  • Crystal Bugger: Elevate your streamer game with shimmering accents.
Uni Micro Tinsel 6/0 just one of over 4,000 quality Fly Tying Materials & Fly Tying Tools that troutcatchers have in stock, order your Fly Fishing Supplies with confidence being assured of a 5 Star Service and Price Guarantee.
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Very pleased with my items and fast delivery.
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Very pleased with my items and fast delivery.