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Veniard Dye Colour Chart

Veniard Dye Colour Chart developed by troutcatchers; Pictured below you will find Dyed Turkey Marabou Feathers which have been used to represent the colour range available for all Veniard FeatherVeniard Fur Products and Veniard Dye Tubs - some colours may not be available for certain products, however if Veniard do it - we'll list it!

Note: This chart is for illustrative purposes, it is impossible to replicate the exact shade / colour; each printer / ink / monitor / camera / etc. will have their own unique set up (there are no universal calibrated settings). Also note when dying, other factors will come in to force including product, temperature, length of dying etc. Troutcatchers encourage experimenting with small amounts before investing in large amount of material.

Veniard Beige
Veniard Bleached White
Veniard Bright Green
Veniard Brown Olive
Veniard Cinnamom
Veniard Crimson
Veniard Dark Brown
Veniard Dark Green
Veniard Fiery Brown
Veniard Fluorescent Green
Veniard Fluorescent Pink
Veniard Ginger
Veniard Green Highlander
Veniard Grey
Veniard Insect Green
Veniard Kingfisher
Veniard Light Claret
Veniard Magneta
Veniard Peach
Veniard Red / Scarlet
Veniard Sunburst Yellow
Veniard Black
Veniard Blue Dun
Veniard Bright Yellow
Veniard Chartreuse
Veniard Coral
Veniard Dark Blue
Veniard Dark Claret
Veniard Dark Olive
Veniard Fluorescent Blue
Veniard Fluorescent Orange
Veniard Fluorescent Red
Veniard Golden Olive
Veniard Green Olive
Veniard Hot Orange
Veniard Iron Blue
Veniard Light Blue
Veniard Light Olive
Veniard Medium Olive
Veniard Purple
Veniard Summer Duck
Veniard Teal Blue