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Beginners Kit Of Fly Tying Materials

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Beginners Kit of Fly Tying Materials, the materials in this kit have been sourced to compliment the book, "Beginner's Guide to Fly Tying" by Chris Mann & Terry Griffiths, or it can be used as a stand alone Fly Tying Material Kit.

Beginners Kit Of Fly Tying Materials contains a basic amount of fly tying materials.

- Hooks - A range of 24 hooks in different styles & sizes
- Threads - 1 spool each 6/0 tying thread, black, Rusty Brown & Olive
- Body Tinsels, Wires & Floss - 1 spool each: Gold wire no. 26. Silver Flat No 4. Silver Oval No 14. Fine lead wire. Fine Copper wire. Black Rayon Floss
- Body Materials - Natural Hare's Fur, Muskrat Fur, Olive Seals Fur. Pheasant Tails. Peacock Eye Feather. Mixed Suede Chenille. White Polypropylene Yarn
- Hackles - Red Game. Black. Yellow & Olive Cock Hackles, Blue Dun, Grizzly Dyed Olive Genetic Hackles
- Wing Materials - Elk Hair. Natural Bucktail. Grey Duck Quills. Golden Pheasant Tippet Feathers. Turkey Marabou Plumes. Krystal Flash. Natural Cul-De-Canard Feathers.
- Heads - Gold Beads

Note - the Beginners Kit Of Fly Tying Materials does not contain fly tying tools, however they can be purchased from the Troutcatcher website. Or to make it easier this Beginners Tool Kit from Veniard is highly recommended to get you up and running.

If you wish to purchase both the "Beginners Guide to Fly Tying" & "Kit of Materials" by Chris Mann & Terry Griffiths, purchase both at the same time for a great deal.

Beginners Kit Of Fly Tying Materials is a basic kit, if you are looking for a more comprehensive kit choose the top selling Veniard Premium fly tying kit, or checkout these other kits Fly Tying Kits all the materials can be topped up individually.

Customer reviews
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This kit is just what was needed to start me off with enough gear to get the idea of how to tie theses beginers fly ,together with the recommended book great stuff.
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Great value kit for learners.
Alan H.
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A good kit of materials to support the book. The only thing missing from the materials list in the book is the head cement. I should have double checked.
Terry G.
Shopping Satisfaction
Great materials.
Hazel n.
Shopping Satisfaction
Beginners fly tying materials
This kit simplifies the rather bewildering array of materials and gives you just what you need to make 12 flies from the book and also some variations of these. It is a cheaper way of getting into fly tying rather than buying the materials individually which can be quite expensive.
Wayne Review collected by SoapBox