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Fly Tying Miscellaneous Materials

Fly Tying Miscellaneous Materials at Troutcatchers

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Fly Tying Materials

to Craft Your Fishing Flies Effortlessly. Select from a Range of 4,000 Premium Fly Tying Materials and Fly Tying Tools sourced from Leading Global Brands like

Veniard Fly Tying


Turrall Fly Tying

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Petitjean Magic Heads
Petitjean Magic Heads - Plastic Cone heads that you tie in. The cone head is pushed back your fly comes in straight, push the cone forward and you’ll get a side to side swimming motion on your retrieve.
£ 6.17
(-10.00%) £ 5.55
UV Reflective Coating
UV Reflective Coating from Veniard, it seems anything UV in the fly tying world is highly fashionable with sales of all UV products increasing year on year, and it really does seem fish are highly attracted! Veniard UV Reflective Coating is a new product of which is highly versatile, its brilliant for adding UV to your flies, just add a small dab to your fly and it will light up under UV light.
£ 6.47
(-10.00%) £ 5.82