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Guinea Fowl Fly Tying Feathers

Guinea Fowel Fly Tying Feathers at Troutcatchers

- Unveil an array of

Fly Tying Feathers

 to Craft Your Fishing Flies Effortlessly. Select from a Range of 4,000

Premium Fly Tying Materials

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Veniard Fly Tying


Turrall Fly Tying

, and more.
Guinea Fowl Plumage Hackles
Guinea Fowl Plumage Hackles - A mixed bag of small, medium and large guinea fowl hackles. These wonderfully marked feathers have many uses and are available in several colours. 2 gram packet.
£ 3.37
Guinea Fowl Plumage Hackles (Small) Selected
Guinea Fowl Plumage Hackles (Small) - Selected natural or dyed blue. Ideal for Jay Substitute.
£ 3.37
Guinea Fowl Skin Patch
Guinea Fowl Skin Patch - Complete skin offers a full range of sizes of spotted ’hackles’ from small breast to large rump and flank plumes. Skin patch (almost complete skin).
£ 24.07