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Loop Connectors

Cortland Leader Loops
Cortland Leader Loops - Cortland's popular slip-on leader loops, built from Cortland braided monofilament. Just slide over the tip of your fly line and secure with a band of shrink tubing (included). 4 per pack
£ 4.97
Snowbee Loop Connectors-LC3 - Clear
Snowbee Loop Connectors, the simple way to attach leaders to fly lines. Pack contains 3 finished loops, with silicone tubing, ready to attach direct to your fly-line. Snowbee's new design features un-glued splices, which makes them softer and more pliable, avoiding those stiff glued sections, which cause hinge-points. Now you can simply add as much or as little glue, to simply secure the loop, as you wish.

Four different Snowbee Loop Connectors available:-
Lightweight model for lighter line weights
Clear - for standard line weights
Hi-Vis - For improved bite detection
Salmon Clear - for large Salmon lines
£ 3.47
Leeda Profil Braided Loops
Leeda Profil Braided Loops come in a choice of three styles, Trout clear loops; Trout Fluoro mixed loops; Salmon clear loop.
Each braided loop is designed to attach to each end of your backing line, one loop to link your backing line, and the other loop to attach your tippet material. Each braided loop has a tube pre-fitted, and each pack has 3 loops per pack. Easy fit.
£ 1.69
(-13.02%) £ 1.47