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PEAK Fishing

PEAK Fishing

PEAK Fishing opened for business in 1994, based in in Loveland, CO USA. to provide you with premium quality, well designed, durable tools at reasonable prices, enabling you to maximize your fishing and fly tying enjoyment.

PEAK Fishing originated as a custom engineering and manufacturing company and has always centered on strong engineering and quality manufacturing principles encompassing turn-key custom equipment, engineering and fabrication services including CNC milling, CNC lathe work, sheet metal, welding and powder coating, contract assembly work. Hence they know how to build the PEAK Fishing line of fly tying equipment including award winning PEAK Vices and accessories which come with lifetime guarantees.

Peak Rotary Vice - Pedestal Base
Peak Rotary Vice - Pedestal Base, designed for optimal fly tying efficiency and ease of adjustment and set-up.

The Peak Rotary Vise has a host of features all built with top quality materials, including Stainless Steel, Brass, Tool Steel, and Aircraft Aluminium, all of which are chosen to last a lifetime of tying.
The Peak Rotary Vice is made with hardened and tempered tool steel jaws hold hooks from size 2/0 (dependent on exact hook wire diameter) down to the smallest you can find, securely. All adjustments are accomplished with minimal effort. The large stable pedestal base will hold this vise where you set it, and your table surface is protected with its non-marking feet. Another great feature of the vice is the steel base which is powder coated in white, you'll benefit with a backdrop you can see your materials easily against. The base also includes an integrated hook/bead pocket with rounded edges for ease of removal, and the accessory post mounting hole. The base is designed to pack flat for travel with the vise removed.
The vices rotation resistance adjustment screw provides infinite adjustment and is easily manipulated for right or left handed tyers. A height and length adjustable bobbin cradle and pivot mount are supplied with the vise. Loosening a single set screw allows the vise to be removed for travel; the brass tip on the set screw prevents marring the vise shaft.

Peak Rotary Vice comes with bobbin rest & pedestal. Huge range of Peak Accessories are also available.
FREE Mainland UK Delivery - Overseas please contact us to quote postage.
£ 214.99
(-7.92%) £ 197.97
Peak LED Fly Tying Light
Peak LED Fly Tying Light is the best portable lighting solution we have found providing a full spectrum white light that won't skew the colour properties of the fly tying materials you are working with. The LED light source runs cool providing 120 degrees of lighting to illuminate your entire tying area with up to 300 lumens and with minimal power consumption. Even running the Peak LED Tying Light after a full day of tying you'll find the housing remains cool to the touch - No need to worry about burning your hand if you accidentally touch your light!The Peak LED Tying Light bracket mounts to any PEAK vise stem, PEAK's Accessory Shaft or any other 3/8" diameter vice stem and incorporates an integral tool holder. Use the 20" flexible neck to allow optimal positioning of the light, last but not least another great benefit is the Lights so lightweight in construction it can be easily transported.
£ 193.77
(-10.00%) £ 174.39
Peak C CLAMP now you can mount your Peak vise onto anything from a banquet table to a picnic table. The Peak C Clamp clamping jaws ride on 2 precision guide pins keeping the jaw faces parallel. Unlike a typical clamp screw, there is no rotating clamp pad causing your vice to "walk" as it's clamped to the table or marring the finish. The rabbeted face engages the edge of your table so your vise won't rock. As one reviewer stated "You could press bearings with this clamp." Works with any 3/8" shaft and the Clamp will also accept Peaks Accessory Post.
£ 58.07
(-10.00%) £ 52.26
Peak Tube Fly Vice Head
Peak Tube Fly Vice Head available for PEAK vise owners who do not want to buy a second complete vise. The Peak Tube Fly Vise Head is easily changed using the Hex Key provided. The vice head comes with the two pins (1/32"and 1/16")Note: Pictured fly not included.
£ 132.07
(-10.00%) £ 118.86
Peak Accessory Shaft
Peak Accessory Shaft a unique and very useful accessory providing a place to mount items such as a light etc. near your fly tying work area but not on your vise. Peak The Accessory Shaft is compatible with both PEAK's Pedestal Base Vise and C-Clamp Vice, the Accessory Shaft will accept any accessory designed to mount onto a 3/8" diameter shaft. (Note Picture: Accessories and Vises shown for illustration and are not included with the Accessory Shaft)
£ 15.77
(-10.00%) £ 14.19
Peak Rotary Vice Midge Jaw
Peak Rotary Vice Midge Jaw undergo the same hardening and tempering process as the Peak highly acclaimed standard jaw. The Peak Rotary Vise Midge Jaw are specifically profiled to allow more access to tie on smaller hooks and are not recommended for extended use with hook wires larger than a #16 dry fly hook. Black oxide finish reduces glare in the immediate area of your hook.
£ 43.97
(-10.00%) £ 39.57
Peak D Arm - Horizontal rotary handle
Peak D Arm - Horizontal rotary handle to replace the vertical handle. Easily assembled (tool included), this rotating handle will "turbo-charge" your fly tying. The freely rotating shaft allows you to rotate your vise without having the handle spin in your fingers.
£ 15.77
(-10.00%) £ 14.19
Peak Material Clip
Peak Material Clip comes with 2 sizes of spring to grip a wide range of fly tying materials. PEAK's straight spring design works better than a conventional wrapped spring which results in the spring coils forming an inverted "V"; PEAK's straight spring leaves parallel coils holding your fly materials more securely. The PEAK Material Clip will fit any 1/4" Diameter shaft. Clips will rotate to any angle needed or completely out of the way and multiple Material Clips can be used in tandem.
£ 12.27
(-10.00%) £ 11.04
Peak Bobbin Rest Assembly
Peak Bobbin Rest Assembly, is fast and easy to assemble which will adjust to fitt any vise with a 3/8" diameter shaft.
£ 24.67
(-10.00%) £ 22.20
Peak Tool Post Caddy
Peak Tool Post Caddy, a useful and very popular Peak accessory to help you stay organized and increase your fly tying output. No more looking for lost tools hidden under your materials or that have rolled off on the floor. Hang your essential tools right next to your vise, out of the way for when you need them. The Peak Tool Post Caddy Fits any 3/8" shaft such as your PEAK Vise or PEAK Accessory Shaft. (Vise, Accessory Shaft, and tools shown for illustration and are not included with the Tool Post Caddy).
£ 10.57
(-10.00%) £ 9.51
Peak Vice Travel Pouch
Peak Vice Travel Pouch, sewn in the USA, in Colorado, home of the Peak Vise. The Peak Vice Travel Pouch has a heavy duty outer shell of tough Cordura for years of use. The two padded interior compartments separate and protect your vise and accessories, holding any of PEAK's vices, Pedestal Base or C-Clamp.(Vise, Pedestal Base, and Bobbin Cradle Assembly shown are not included with pouch)
£ 65.17
(-10.00%) £ 58.65
Peak Pick 'N' Brush
Peak Pick 'N' Brush, Peak's combo dubbing tool, the Ritt-Pick-N-Brush is almost a necessity on any fly tyers bench. It incorporates a nylon dubbing brush, bodkin needle and half hitch tool in one package. The nylon brush is gentler on thread and hackle than metal brushes. The Ritt Pick-N-Brush allows you to carry fewer tools for more functions.
£ 13.17
(-10.00%) £ 11.85
Peak Riser
PEAK Riser will work with the PEAK Pedestal Base or PEAK C-Clamp (in fact it is compatible with any base or clamp that fits a 3/8" diameter vise shaft) and will accept any vise having a 3/8" diameter shaft. The PEAK Riser allows you 1-3/4" additional height adjustment. Leaving the riser attached to your vise and disassembling it from the Pedestal Base will leave you with a flat base for easier transportation.
£ 40.47
(-10.00%) £ 36.42