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Turrall Stillwater Bit's Seal Emerger Claret - Sr07

Turrall Stillwater Bit's Seal Emerger Claret - Sr07

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Turrall Stillwater Bit's Seal Emerger Claret Trout Flies

- From the Award Winning Turralls Stillwater Emerger Flies collection.

Stillwater Bit's Seal Emerger Claret Fly Fishing Flies

- the best way to present this dry fly is with a floating line and tapered leader thats been de-greased using something like Ledasink; this will make sure there is no shine, and not spook your quarry. The basic technique for fishing the Stillwater Bit's Seal Emerger Claret Trout Fly is to drift on the surface, occasionally pull it for a small distance to make it look like it is accelerating attempting a take off. Leave the fly to sit for a while then repeat, often this will stimulate trout to attack. This is the same if you see a trout swimming near your Turrall Stillwater Bit's Seal Emerger Claret, but not biting, twitch, the trout may believe that it could miss its opportunity. Keep your fly as dry as possible to make sure it floats well with a few false casts to give best presentation, it may also be worth investing in a floatant like Gehrke's Gink, plus possibly an Amadou Patch to dry your fly that may be water saturated without damaging the fly hackle.

Turrall Stillwater Bit's Seal Emerger Claret - Award Winning - Turrall has established an international market and has won The Sunday Times special award for its unique contribution to employment in rural Britain. It followed this with the Country Living Magazine First Prize for Businesses in Rural areas. Turrall packaging and designs have won many an award from EFTTEX – the trade show of the European Fishing Tackle Trade Association.
The quality of Turrall flies are made to the finest standards through a combination of traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. Tying is with feathers and furs procured from the four corners of the world - carefully selected, processed and blended, the vast majority can be purchased on our Fly Tying Material pages, and where appropriate World Class Metz Hackles are used to produce the finest quality fishing flies.

Turrall Stillwater Bit's Seal Emerger Claret, just one of thousands of Turrall Flies available from troutcatchers. More information on Fly Fishing Flies can be found on our Fishing Flies - The Basics webpage.
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These are great and caught on my first try with them.
Steve f.