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Deer, Elk & Moose

Natural Roe Deer
Natural Roe Deer - A patch of natural Roe Deer skin from Veniard.
£ 4.17
Coastal Deer Hair
Coastal Deer Hair, a natural fine hair with barred marking and tips, hair length approx. 2cm to 4cm with very little under fur. The Coastal Deer Hair is excellent for Comparaduns, Caddis Flies & small Hoppers amongst many other flies.
Your Coastal Hair comes attached to the skin in a rough square. Each piece is truly unique with very subtle differences in the marking, a stunning fly tying material to work with.
£ 5.17
Elk Hair
Elk Hair, another superb product from Veniard. A natural Gold/Dark colour, an absolutely vital fly tying material for many caddis and wulff patterns, one of troutcatchers top selling materials.
Elk Hair from Veniard supplied on a piece of skin approx 7cmx5cm
£ 5.77
Moose Mane Hair
Moose Mane Hair, good stiff hairs with lots of buoyancy, one of the best materials for dry fly tails available. Moose Hair is also used for quill bodies on Trout flies and wings for Salmon flies. Floats well with a mix of white and mottled black/brown hair, supplied by Veniard, the moose hair supplied is attached to a piece of skin measuring approx. 6-7cm x 3-4cm.
£ 5.87
Deer Belly Hair
Deer Belly Hair, a multi coloured heads are possible with this superb dyed hair. he Deer Belly Hair is ideal for fry, frog and a multitude of Pike & Saltwater flies.
£ 5.17
Bleached & Dyed Deer Hair
Bleached & Dyed Deer Hair - Bleached to near white and then dyed. The dyed deer hair is approx. 2.25 inch x 2.5 inch with a choice of 7 colours.
£ 6.67
Turrall Dyed Deer Skin
Turrall Dyed Deer Skin - Deer hair is the most popular material for producing clipped, spun bodies of heads for flies such as Muddlers Minnow. Deer hair is on a soft, tanned skin and dyed with a special process to ensure that the fibres are not damaged. Hair length 30-60mm.
Turralls Dyed Deer Skin comes in 2 gram pack, choice of Natural, or Dyed.
£ 1.97