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Veniard Fly Tying Materials, Tools, Vices & Kits

Veniard Fly Tying has been partners with troutcatchers since 2002 listing the entire Veniard catalogue on the website. Having weekly, sometimes twice weekly deliveries troutcatchers always hold good Veniard stock, and if we do go out of stock can be replenished very quickly.

Veniard, since 1923 have been supplying top quality fly tying material and fly tying tools s to the world when Mr Ernest and Frank Veniard started collecting feathers from London poultry markets for hat mounts and brooches.This in turn led to limited supplies for fly tyers. By the mid 1930’s the Veniard brothers produced their first Fly Tying Catalogue. By the start of WWII the company already had a reputation for supplying top quality fly tying materials.
The late 40’s saw a big rise in the leisure industry this coupled with public access to trout fishing led to a Fly Tying boom period for Veniard.This lead to a shortage of home grown materials and forced the Veniard to look overseas for supplies.
The 50’s 60’s saw Veniard continue to grow with weekly visits to the Fly tying factories of the midlands the norm.
There have been major changes since then at Veniard with the arrival of synthetics, genetic hackles and specially designed tools. But through all this Veniard have, and still remain one of the top fly tying suppliers in the world.
Flat Lead Strip
Flat Lead Strip, approximately 0.15mm thick. The lead strip due to its 'thin qualities are ideal for building up smooth profiled under bodies on Nymphs etc. Also the flat lead strip is also very popular with model makers and art etc.- Standard Flat lead Strip - 2mm (approx.) wide.- Extra Fine Flat lead Strip - 1mm (approx.) wide. Length of wire, Card size 25mm x 30mm - with approx 60cm wrapped.
£ 2.57
(-10.00%) £ 2.31
Sili-legs - Small nymph size super flexible rubber legs. Realistic colours some with a barring along their length. Perfect for vibrators.
Sili-Legs come in a choice of 10 colour variations supplied from Veniard.
£ 4.97
(-10.00%) £ 4.47
Micro Rubber Legs
Micro Rubber Legs, approximately half the size of standard rubber legs. These rubber legs are great for girdle bugs and nymph legs generally.
Micro rubber legs come in 8 colour options.
£ 3.27
(-10.00%) £ 2.94
X Rib
X Rib - A very fine Mylar piping. great for ribs on large saltwater or predator flies. These X Ribs are very durable. Choice of colours in 2.4 mtr pack.
£ 1.27
(-10.00%) £ 1.14
Holographic Flat Braid
Holographic Flat Braid - A new twist on holographic tinsel from top Fly Tying brand Veniard. Holographic tinsel has been braided to form this sparkling new body material.

£ 3.97
(-10.00%) £ 3.57
Pearl Flat Braid
Flat Pearl Braid - Braided pearl fibres create a fantastic scale like body on streamer flies. This Pear Braid contains no holographic fibres.
£ 3.97
(-10.00%) £ 3.57
Mobile - Fine monofilament strands intertwined with a 'flash' metallic strand make this a very strong and supple fly tying material.
Mobile available in a choice of 14 popular colours / unusual combinations.
£ 2.57
(-10.00%) £ 2.31
Streamer Wing
Streamer Wing - Micro strands of lite-brite are intermingled with fine synthetic fibres to offer the predator and saltwater fly-tyer a superbly mobile wing material with added flash.
Streamer Wing available in a choice of 12 colours.
£ 2.47
(-10.00%) £ 2.22
Mirror Flash Standard
Mirror Flash - a finer and thinner material than that used in in other 'flash' material reflectors. Mirror Flash is as a result a good deal more flexible giving a truly vibrant additive for tails and wings. The diminutive cross-section also means that Mirror Flash is suitable for smaller trout and salmon flies which would not be possible with heavier 'flash' materials.
Mirror Flash, one of Troutcatchers Best Sellers and available 6 colours.
£ 5.17
(-10.00%) £ 4.65
Rippleflash has an inbuilt hologram effect which results in a constant light movement along its entire length. Rippleflash single strands can also be used to provide exciting tinsel bodies rippling with integral light. If that's not all, use the flash to make ribbing material for all types of flies.
£ 4.57
(-10.00%) £ 4.11
Micro Flash
Micro Flash - A new finer version of Krystal flash. Micro Flash is perfect for wings and tails on small nymphs and dry flies, in fact plenty of smaller flies.
Micro Flash available in over 12 colours.
£ 5.37
(-10.00%) £ 4.83
Krystal Flash
Krystal Flash - The original and best synthetic winging material. The Krystal Flash corrugated fibres reflect light like no other fly tying material. Use just a few Krystal Flash strands to a wing or tail to give an irresistible effect.
Krystal Flash packed in a resealed sleeve; the strands are approx. 25cm (10 inch) long and available in a huge range of colours including UV and Pearlescent.
£ 4.57
(-10.00%) £ 4.11
Krinkle Mirror Flash
Krinkle Mirror Flash - Mirror flash that's been creased along its length to give its a segmented effect. This Krinkle Mirror Flash is another great addition to the mirror flash range.
£ 5.87
(-10.00%) £ 5.28
Crystal Mirror Flash
Crystal Mirror Flash - Troutcatchers most popular Mirror Flash winging and tailing material. Crystal Mirror Flash is twisted to give light reflecting qualities which need to be seen to be believed.
Crystal Mirror Flash available in 6 popular colours.
£ 5.87
(-10.00%) £ 5.28
Hackle Flash
Hackle Flash - A thread based hackle. This Hackle Flash enables uniform hackle winding. Choice of very bright colours.
£ 4.37
(-10.00%) £ 3.93
Tail Fibres - Fibbets
Tail Fibres - Fibbets - Synthetic, translucent long tapered tail fibres - equally as delicate as traditional feather fibre but infinitely stronger. These Tail Fibres Fibbets are perfect for Comparadun style of 'fanned' tail, adding stability & buoyancy. Also, ideal for tying in antennae, dry fly tails & spent wings.
£ 3.87
(-10.00%) £ 3.48
Micro Glint
Micro Glint, a choice of 12 colours, fine multi-strand iridescent spooled threads. Micro Glint, sometimes called metallic thread, is superb for tying buzzers or used for ribbing small nymphs and dry flies. Micro Glint is made up of a fine metallic strand which is protected by Antron fibre. Use Micro Glint also as a fine tying thread. Each Micro Glint spool from Veniard (not a cheap copy) contains a whopping 30 meters of thread, great value for money and has shot up in to one of our top selling products.
£ 3.07
(-10.00%) £ 2.76
Polypropylene Floating Yarn
Polypropylene Floating Yarn - Very popular. Used for sight stumps, wings or tails. Polypropylene Floating Yarn available in 5 different colours.
£ 1.47
(-10.00%) £ 1.32
Ice Yarn
Ice Yarn - This material is excellent for the speedy formation of Lure & Nymph bodies. Tease out the ice yarn to form shimmering wings & tails for Trout & Salmon flies. Chops & Dubs brilliantly.
Ice Yarn comes in 13 exciting colours. 2 meters. No flies included, picture illustration only.
£ 4.47
(-10.00%) £ 4.02
Glo Bug Egg Yarn
Glo Bug Egg Yarn Fly Tying Material - fluffy yarn used on many of the Turrall Award Winning egg pattern fishing flies.
Glo Bug Egg Yarn choice of colours, which may be spun to form Glo Bugs or Eggs, plus try this fly tying material to form tails or tags on larger fishing flies.
Turrall Glo Bug Egg Yarn approx. 30cm of material.
£ 2.97
(-10.00%) £ 2.67
Glo Bright Multi Yarn
Glo Bright Multi Yarn - This is a crinkled fibred translucent yarn which can be used like wool for bodies, tails or butts, or can be cut up to produce a really lustrous dubbing.
Glo Bright Multi Yarn available in 16 colours. 8 yard spool.
£ 1.37
(-10.00%) £ 1.23
Antron Body Yarn
Antron Body Yarn - Often used as a heavy shiny floss on large flies or split for use on smaller flies. Antron Body Yarn available in 17 colours.
£ 1.47
(-10.00%) £ 1.32
Veniard Solingen Scissors
Veniard Solingen Scissors - Available in straight or curved. Solingen Scissors are Veniard basic fly tying scissors.
£ 5.87
(-10.00%) £ 5.28
Waddington Shanks - 25 Pack
Waddington Shanks 25 Pack - These shanks are originally designed as a way to tie big salmon flies with a small treble. Waddington Shanks are widely used with single hooks. Slightly tempered for extra strength. Black finish with a leading up eye.
6 Sizes available.
£ 4.97
(-10.00%) £ 4.47
Waddington Trebles - 25 Pack
Waddington Trebles Hooks are specially designed to complement Waddington shanks. The Waddington treble hooks are round bend, ring eye, strong wire & black finish.
Available in 4 sizes.
£ 11.57
(-10.00%) £ 10.41
English Partridge Brown Back Hackles
English Partridge Brown Back Hackles - per 1gm packet - Partridge hackle has long since been a favourite with fly-tyers, and their use is widely acknowledged as being perfect representation for the legs on many nymphs and North Country Spider patterns. The brown back feathers have a predominantly grey/white fleck, but have an overall sepia wash. Supplied by Veniard.
£ 4.27
(-10.00%) £ 3.84
UV Reflective Coating
UV Reflective Coating from Veniard, it seems anything UV in the fly tying world is highly fashionable with sales of all UV products increasing year on year, and it really does seem fish are highly attracted! Veniard UV Reflective Coating is a new product of which is highly versatile, its brilliant for adding UV to your flies, just add a small dab to your fly and it will light up under UV light.
£ 6.47
(-10.00%) £ 5.82
Closed Cell Foam Sheet
Closed Cell Foam Sheet, used to create bodies on foam ants, beetles, daddies and other detached floating bodies, the foam is 1.9mm thick & flexible, hugely popular and sell by the 1000's each year.

Closed Cell Foam Sheet from Veniard. Size 14cm x 9.5cm x 1.9mm available in 12 colour choices.

Note: Closed Cell Foam Sheet colour Tan has changed its name to Biscuit.
£ 1.97
(-10.00%) £ 1.77
Para-Post & Wing
Para-Post & Wing from Veniard, Brand New, great for emerger cases, parachute posts and split wing dry flies in fact "Perfect fly tying material" for any pattern with a post - Para Post Wing is also a good substitute for polypropylene or other floating yarns.
Para-Post & Wing, available in a huge 14 colour choice.
£ 2.47
(-10.00%) £ 2.22
Patagonian Hares Feet
Patagonian Hares Feet, Brand New from Veniard. Packed as a pair of feet, the Patagonian Hares Feet is soft with dense fibers that give waterproof qualities like Cul De Cunard (CDC). Patagonian Hares feet are superb for parachute posts, Wulff wing posts, wings and tails, even try it as dubbing which works great.

Patagonian Hares Feet packed as a Pair, choose from a large range of colours.
£ 4.97
(-10.00%) £ 4.47
Edge Bright Fluorescent Sheet
Edge Bright Fluorescent Sheet from Veniard. Edge Bright is a Fluorescent coloured vinyl sheet that when cut and tied gives a superb neon glow to your flies & lures - A real attracter which the fish go mad for when the light hits your fly. Great for bodies, ribbing etc. for your trout, saltwater, predator, and salmon flies.

Veniard Edge Bright Fluorescent Sheet approx 16 x 11cm, available in a choice of three stunning choices, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Yellow & Fluorescent Pink.
£ 3.37
(-10.00%) £ 3.03
Fox Squirrel Skin Piece
Fox Squirrel Skin Piece, supplied by Veniard. A popular fly tying material piece of body fur from the fox squirrel, approximately 4cm x 4cm.
£ 3.87
(-10.00%) £ 3.48
Arctic Runner Hair Piece
Arctic Runner Hair - A beautiful soft, long mobile hair from Iceland. This lovely soft natural Arctic Runner hair is great for all hair flies. The Arctic Runner Hair is bright and translucent; it is a perfect hair for winging salmon flies.
£ 4.97
(-10.00%) £ 4.47
Cobblers Wax
Veniard Fly Tying Cobblers Wax - Brand New - Veniard Dark Brown Cobblers Wax – the time-honoured choice for enhancing thread durability and adding a rich, dark hue to your fly patterns.
£ 3.17
(-10.00%) £ 2.85
Golden Pheasant Body Feather Substitute
Golden Pheasant Body Feather Substitute - fly tying material supplied to troutcatchers from Veniard, hugely popular with fly tiers.
Golden Pheasant Body Feather Substitute - Authentic Golden Pheasant body feathers have become increasingly challenging to source, fortunately Veniard has created the ideal solution with their Golden Pheasant Body Feather Substitute, meticulously designed to replicate the same stunning appearance.
£ 3.97
(-10.00%) £ 3.57
Moose Body Hair
Veniard Moose Body Hair for Fly Tying, renowned for its exceptional quality and versatility. Craft lifelike, irresistible fly patterns that will entice even the wariest of fish.
£ 7.07
(-10.00%) £ 6.36
Wigeon Breast Feather
Veniard Wigeon Breast for Fly Tying, a must-have for discerning fly tier, the natural iridescence and unique markings of the wigeon feathers add a lifelike quality to your flies, making them irresistible to even the most selective of prey. Veniard Wigeon Breast offers versatility in creating various fly patterns. From traditional wet flies to contemporary streamers and fan-winged mayflies, the feathers can be easily tied with the soft and pliable nature of wigeon feathers.
£ 3.47
(-10.00%) £ 3.12
Arctic Fisherman Finn Racoon
Arctic Fisherman Finn Racoon, from the finest Finn Racoon fur, this fly tying material sourced from Veniard possesses the distinctive traits of Arctic Runner. Renowned for its exceptional softness and unparalleled mobility, the Finn Racoon adds a touch of luxury to your fishing experience.
Veniard Arctic Fisherman Finn Racoon - Choice of 14 colours
£ 8.77
Grey Goose Herl
Grey Goose Herl from Veniard - 4 Quills - Natural Goose Herl, ideal for buzzers / nymphs, used for Fly Dressers Guild Bronze Award, Grey Goose Buzzer.
£ 3.37
(-10.00%) £ 3.03
Fly Tying for The Beginner by John Veniard
Fly Tying for The Beginner by John Veniard - A TOP SELLER! A great little book for anyone wanting to tie flies. It takes you through the all basics with clear illustrations.
Note ' Fly Tying For The Beginner' book is included in the Veniard Premium Fly Tying Kit.
£ 1.07
The Complete Illustrated Directory Of Salmon Flies
The most comprehensive directory of Salmon flies ever published. Respected international fly tying author Chris Mann has been studying salmon flies and their inventors for 30 years. Here is the end result. Paperback.
£ 19.97
Veniard Amadou Patch
Veniard Amadou Patch
£ 15.97
Veniard Premium Fly Tying Kit

Veniard Premium Fly Tying Kit - the Veniard TOP SELLING Fly Tying Kit has been updated with the BRAND NEW 'Veniard Premium Fly Tying Kit Anniversary Edition'

Veniard Premium Fly Tying Kit Anniversary Edition, the ultimate companion for fly tying enthusiasts. This special edition kit pays homage to a century of Veniard dedication to excellence in fly tying materials and tools. Crafted with precision and passion, this kit offers a comprehensive array of features and benefits that will elevate your fly tying and enhance your fly fishing experiences.
£ 89.99
(-16.69%) £ 74.97
Veniard Starter Fly Tying Kit
Veniard Starter Fly Tying Kit a comprehensive package designed for fly tying beginners. This all-in-one kit includes essential tools, high-quality materials, and basic book of instructions, presented in a convenient smart plastic box. With this fly tying kit, you'll have everything at your fingertips to embark on your fly tying journey.
£ 49.99
(-10.04%) £ 44.97
Barry Ord Clarke's Fly Tying Material Pack
Barry Ord Clarke's Fly Tying Material Pack -This material pack has been put together by Barry Ord Clarke & Veniard to complement his 'Fly Tying for Beginner’s Book' or / and it can be used as a stand alone Fly Tying Material pack with Barrys YouTube channel.
£ 99.99
(-12.52%) £ 87.47
Bondtite Anglers Glue - Waterproof Superglue
Bondtite Anglers Glue - Waterproof Superglue. Dries in seconds with incredible strength. Great for Knots and leaders as well as Super Glue Buzzers.
£ 6.57
(-10.00%) £ 5.91
Veniard Pinnacle Fly Tyers Kit
Veniard Pinnacle Fly Tiers Kit, New & Improved - a comprehensive fly tying kit with enough fly materials & fly tools to tie 100's of different fly patterns. The Veniard Pinnacle Fly Tiers Kit comes in a superb plastic box (upgraded) with a deep top storage section and 4 sectioned trays. Approx Size: 42cm width x 30cm depth x 40cm height.

FREE UK SHIPPING - Overseas contact us to quote you a shipping price. Next Day Available.
£ 249.00
(-19.69%) £ 199.97
Best Seller for fixing wetsuits, waterproofs, waders and boots and shoes and inflatables.Use Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive for repairing items of virtually all flexible materials like Neoprene, Rubber, Leather, PVC, PU, Breathable materials and Coated fabrics. Fix split seams, loose soles, cracked leather, and leaks and rips in all types of footwear. Also ideal for repairing rips, splits, leaks and tears in wetsuits and dry suits, waders, waterproof clothing, ponchos, tents, marquees, ground sheets, awnings, paddling pools, pool liners, inflatable boats and toys, horse rugs, trainers, car seat repairs, children's toys etc. Works on most materials, but not Polythene, Polypropylene or PTFE. Also great for many woodwork repairs like chair legs etc.The only glue you need to fix a rip leak or tear on any flexible material or fabric. Very strong, but remains flexible when cured. Very resistant to abrasion. Essential in a repair kit for Hikers, fishermen divers, campers, caravaners, fishermen, wind, kite and board surfers, sailors, soldiers etc. Not Aqua seal or Aqua sure but does exactly the same job, but it does not form a skin as quickly which allows more working time.
£ 10.07
Veniard Starter Tool Kit
Veniard Starter Tool Kit, a great starter kit of tools. The starter kit contains the following tools: Threader, scissors, bodkin, hackle pliers, spigot bobbin & whip finish tool.
£ 11.97
(-10.00%) £ 10.77
Veniard Beginners Tool Kit
Veniard Beginners Tool Kit - A great starter kit of tools to compliment our fly tying kits. Contains: C Clamp vice, threader, scissors, bodkin, hackle pliers, spigot bobbin & whip finish tool.
£ 20.57
(-10.00%) £ 18.51